Maintaining BSD Ports On Your System Automatically

Well i have been looking around for a good way of keeping my BSD system up to date. Over on the freebsd forums there is a really easy to use scrip that has been developed by one of the Moderators over there. This scrip will check your system, perform some admin tasks and e-mail you the results once a week so you can keep your system up to date.

First things first, head on over to (Click To Visit Link) and have a quick read of how to setup the script and launch the scrip automatically.

Here is a re-cap of what i did to setup the scrip for myself.

1. Took a copy of the scrip from the above URL. Saved it in my home directory as

2. Changed the permissions on the file using this command:
chmod 700 /home/user/
This will enable the scrip to be executable.

3. Added in the following line into cron:
## Weekly System Update Check
0 16 * * 0 root /home/user/ | mail -s "Output of Portupdater" 2>&1

This will run the command at 4pm on every Sunday afternoon. Once completed it will e-mail the results to a specified e-mail address. This will save you logging in to your system to check the results.

4. Once you receive the e-mail from the above job, you can then action the ports that need upgrading. The command that i use to update the ports is:
portupdater port_name_here
If you would like to rebuild/recompile the ports that have dependencies on the new port you can update the port by using the 0r option.
portupdater -r port_name_here

5. Id you would like to run the scrip from the command line and not through cron, you need to enter this command:
/home/user/ now

I hope this helps out a few people who are new to BSD. A huge thanks goes to DuchDaemon over on the freebsd forums. Without your help this would have been much harder to setup.

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